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RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands Colored Rim Edge Trim

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 Product Description

Style & Function: Wheel bands are an easy to install color styling accessory for the outer rim of your alloy wheels that are available in many different color combinations. Simply select your track and insert colors above to get a custom colored pinstripe style defensive barrier for your wheel rim!
These wheel bands don't just look good - they can help reduce or avoid minor scratches and scuffs to your rims that can come from road hazards and curbs during low speed maneuvering situations such as parallel parking. While these wheel bands are quite durable, they cannot always protect your wheels from potholes and curbs while driving at road speeds.

Wheel band installation diagram Design: These wheel bands feature a patented system that uses a snap-in plastic color insert, a plastic mounting track and 3M's automotive acrylic foam adhesive tape which is pre-applied to the mounting track during the manufacturing process and is ready to adhere to a clean surface. The replacable color inserts snap snugly into the mounting track and both can be easily trimmed to fit the rim of your vehicle.

You can buy the inserts seperately if you need a replacement or if you want to have more color variety here: RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands Colored Rim Edge Trim Insert

Fitment: These wheel bands are a universl fit product for wheel sizes from 13" to 22" These wheel bands can be cut to fit wheels from 13" to 22" using shears. If you have larger wheels, you can custom order more track and insert material from us by calling during our business hours at 1-888-290-4588.

Fitment check Mounting Requirements: Wheel Bands will fit any wheel which has at least a 1/4-inch (6mm) wide flat surface around the rim. This surface should be free of any standing ridges caused by spoke design or by damage to the rim in order for the tape to maintain proper adhesion. These wheel bands may not mount securely to rounded or angled surfaces, so make sure your wheels have a proper flat mounting surface before ordering.
Make sure to allow for some clearance between the track and your tire surface so that they are not accidentaly removed or damaged by low tire pressure situations.

Wheel Preparation: Before installation, your wheels should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and an oil remover. Make sure to remove all wax, shine, teflon, or silicone products that may be on your wheel, as these products will prevent the 3M adhesive from working properly. The most important part of installation is making sure your wheels are as clean and free of any coating or residue as possible.

Included Materials:

- Mounting Track
- Color Insert
- 2 Alcohol Wipes
- Application Tool

Cutting tool is not included

1. Start with a freshly washed wheel. Wipe the rim surface clean with the included alcohol wipes (or a solution of 75% or more isopropyl alcohol).
2. Peel off 3M tape backing and attach mounting track to rim
3. Cut track and snap-in color insert to length (Anvil type pruning shears provide the best flush cut on tracks and inserts)
4. Use application tool to press the wheel band firmly onto the wheel

Removing Installed Product: If your wheel bands have been damaged or if you need them to be removed for any reason, the bands can be taken off. Pry up one of the ends of the mounting track and carefully pull the mounting track away from the rim surface. The tape is quite strong and will often leave pieces on the rim - these can be removed with most citrus cleaners, appropriate solvents, or mineral spirits. Make sure to use isopropyl alcohol to fully remove any residues if you are installing a new wheel band track.

Wheel Balancing: These wheel bands are made with an extremely light plastic and will not affect the balance of your wheels. If you have wheel weights attached to the front face of your wheel, the track can be trimmed to accomodate them with the insert bridging over the weight.

Damage If you find that your wheel bands have sustained damage, check the color insert to make sure that it is still firmly snapped into the track. If the insert has noticable damage, you can remove the insert and rotate it so that the damaged portion is facing into the track and snap it back in place. If the wheel band is damaged enough that it has been partially removed from the wheel, sections can be trimmed, removed, and replaced with any extra track. Extra material can be custom ordered from us as well by calling during business hours at 1-888-290-4588.

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RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands
  • RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands
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